What Your Wedding and an Ice Cream Cone Have in Common

During the recent spell of warm weather, I thought a lot about ice cream. (Yes, I think about ice cream when it's cold, too, doesn't everybody?) The more I thought about it, the more like a wedding an ice cream cone became. 

ice cream in a cup on a wire table. There are sprinkles on the ice cream and a plastic spoon in it.

Let me explain... 

Imagine your wedding is a scoop of vanilla ice cream. There are a hundred different kinds of vanilla ice cream: Walls; Häagen-Dazs; Italian; Cornish; dairy-free; artisanal; ones made with clotted cream or jersey milk; ones made from Tahitian vanilla beans; hand-churned; soft serve; Mr Whippy. Likewise, there are unlimited different people and combinations of personalities in every wedding party. Each different combination influences your choices about your wedding. 

Your venue is the cone. For most, the option is between a registry office or church. Waffle or wafer cone. What happens if you want your ice cream in a bowl or a brandy basket, sandwiched between two cookies, or on a doughnut? Well, if your venue is licensed for weddings, you're in luck. A registrar might be able to come out to conduct your wedding there. If not, you're out of luck, and you're back to choosing between wafer or waffle cones again. With a celebrant, you can have your wedding anywhere*. 

Want your wedding in a field? Got your heart set on a castle? Your celebrant can do that. Ballroom or basketball court, it's your choice. 

*within reason. You're great, but I'm not standing inside the tiger enclosure at the zoo for you. 

What weddings and ice cream cones have in common: the toppings 

Then there's the ceremony. In this ice cream analogy, your ceremony is the ice cream toppings. Registry and church weddings will give you a choice of two or three vows scripts — you can choose between a flake, strawberry sauce or a cherry. A celebrant-led wedding is bespoke; it's as individual as you are. If you want whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry, with a celebrant-led ceremony, you can. If you prefer a chocolate-dipped cone, crushed cookies, mini marshmallows, hot fudge sauce and pretzels, guess what? With a celebrant-led wedding, you can have them all! 

an ice cream covered with cream with sprinkles and a cherry on top.

A wedding as individual as you are I tailor every word of your celebrant-led wedding ceremony to you, for you. If you want readings from your favourite book series, you can. You can have quotes from the movie you watched on your first date, lyrics from your favourite song. You can have a handfasting ceremony with the ribbon from the first anniversary gifts you bought for each other or mix the same cocktail you drank when you toasted your engagement. Spirituality and religion can be part of your ceremony if you choose. If you're not religious or spiritual, there's no obligation to include it. It's all up to you. 

Now, there's nothing wrong with a vanilla ice cream cone (I defy any of you to turn down a 99 on a hot day), but there is more on the menu if you want it. A bespoke ceremony will make your wedding stand out. A celebrant will make the day memorable.

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