Celebrant-Led Ceremony FAQs

I'm sure you have questions. Let's answer some of the commonly asked ones:

What is a Celebrant?

A celebrant is someone who writes bespoke ceremonies for a range of occasions and delivers them in a personalised, memorable ceremony. No two celebrant-led ceremonies are the same because every one is written for that specific occasion. 

Two people sitting on the grass, only their lower halves showing. One is male presenting and wearing black trousers and dress shoes. The other is female presenting and wearing a peach dress with black sandals and holding white ribbons.


Is a celebrant-led wedding legally binding? 

No. And this is why we have so much freedom to deliver a creative ceremony that is just for you. 

The law in the UK requires births, deaths and marriages to be registered. You'll be required to give notice at your local register office, followed by a short, statutory service (this costs around £50, depending on where you live); this is the "legal bit" and requires only two witnesses. You don't have to exchange rings at this service — you can save this until your wedding if you choose.

 You can do this legal bit a week or so before your wedding ceremony, afterwards or not at all. It's your choice!

Do we have to do the legal bit?

No. It's entirely up to you. Some people (e.g. throuples, quads, etc, and people whose divorce has not yet been finalised) are unable to legally marry, but can still celebrate their love and devotion with a wedding or commitment ceremony. If the legal side of marriage isn't for you, you don't have to do it.

Where can we have our wedding ceremony?

Anywhere, anytime! If you want your wedding on a beach at sunrise or a forest at twilight, you can! If your first date was at the zoo, the cinema or a festival and you want your wedding to be in the same place; you can do that, too. Unlike a registrar, who can only conduct weddings in licensed venues, celebrants can deliver a ceremony in any venue.

Can we have an outdoor ceremony?

Yes! You will need permission to be there, and you should consider accessibility. Beyond that, there are no limits.

I recommend you consider having a bad weather contingency, too. I will happily put on my wellies and conduct your ceremony in the pouring rain (I'm from Glasgow, the rain never bothered me anyway) but your guests might not enjoy it.

Can we write our own vows?

You certainly can! 

If you need a little guidance on what to say, I can help; if you want me to write them for you, I can do that, too. I create every ceremony for you so you can guarantee that your vows will be one-of-a-kind. 

If you're nervous about speaking or reading on the big day, you can choose to repeat your vows or say "I do" or "I will". If you need large-print vows to read, I can arrange that for you. 

Can we incorporate reading, poems and music into our wedding?

You're encouraged to! You might already have readings, poems and music in mind for your ceremony, and I can help you to include them at the appropriate parts of your ceremony. If you need guidance on what readings or music are available, I can help you find something that fits your personalities.

Can our children be part of the ceremony?

Of course! You can include ceremony elements that involve children. There are many ways to symbolise the joining of two families, and I love to find fun and creative ways to help children feel included in the ceremony.

Can our pet be part of the ceremony?

Yes! You can physically involve your pets as attendants or ring-bearers, or you can include them in the ceremony wording. 

You'll be busy on your wedding day so if you want your pets to be at the venue, it's a good idea to assign a guest to look after your fuzzy or feathered friend on your behalf.

Can we include our religion/spirituality/culture/faith in our ceremony?

You can. Your ceremony can include rituals, elements and readings that are meaningful to you. Unlike a registrar, I can incorporate your beliefs into your wedding or keep it completely neutral if you'd rather.

I/we have a disability, can you make sure our wedding is accessible?

Absolutely. We will discuss the ways your disability might affect your experience of your wedding and ensure you are comfortable for the entire ceremony. I know from experience how the stress of planning a wedding can exacerbate chronic illness so we can include contingencies in your ceremony for all levels of health and energy. 

If it's not legal, when do we celebrate our wedding anniversary?

When do you celebrate your birthday: the day you were born or the day your parents registered your birth? It's the same with your wedding. Your wedding is the celebration of your love and commitment; the day you married is the legal formality. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from celebrating both — twice as many gifts can't be bad!

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Renewal of Vows

Why do people renew their vows?

All sorts of reasons. Some people do it to celebrate a milestone or a significant anniversary. Others choose to renew their vows after a particularly trying time in their relationship or life, or decide to tie it in with the celebration of the birth of a baby. 

If your wedding day wasn't what you wanted (perhaps due to illness, world events, family issues or financial restraints) you can choose to renew your vows as a way to celebrate your love and devotion in a way that better fits your expectations.

What happens during a vow renewal ceremony?

Whatever you want. You can repeat the vows you made on your wedding day, play the same music and have the same readings, or you can have something new. As with all of my ceremonies, I will write it just for you so you can choose what to include. 

Renewal of vows ceremonies are a celebration of gratitude for the life you've shared since your wedding, and you can recognise events and people that were not part of your original wedding.

Can we exchange rings?

You can. If you wish to exchange your original wedding bands, you can do that, or you can use the ceremony as an excuse to buy new jewellery!

We got married in 2020, can we have a renewal of vows ceremony?

If you had a pared-down wedding during the Covid lockdowns, you might want to renew your vows so that you can include more of your family and friends in your ceremony. 

How many times can we renew our vows?

As many times as you like! While some people choose to renew their vows on a specific wedding anniversary, others do it to recognise major events in their lives. There is no one way to do it, it's up to you.

Can I wear my wedding dress?

If you want to. You can treat your renewal of vows as a second wedding or as a way to reflect on and celebrate your marriage so far. Either way, I will create a ceremony that matches your intentions.