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Plan the Perfect Proposal

 The season is upon us...  No, not the festive season, although that is here, too. I'm talking about proposal season. Yes, there's a season. Around 40% of proposals occur between ChristmasEve and Valentine's day.  If you're one of the almost half of people planning to propose to your significant other in the next few weeks and months, I have some tips to help it go swimmingly. I Choose You! ...Do You Choose Me? Before you even plan how you're going to pop the question, you want to be fairly certain they'll say yes. Have you talked about marriage before? Does she want to get married? Has he expressed his commitment to you? If you don't know, have a conversation.  Now, I'm not suggesting you say, "I want to propose, will you say yes?" Simply make sure you're on the same page about marriage and your relationship. Talk to friends and/or family, too. We're well past the era of asking the parents' permission but, if they're a close fa

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