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Why Are Wedding Dresses Traditionally White?

Before we delve into a brief history of the wedding dress, I want to emphasise that not all brides wear wedding dresses and not everyone who wears a wedding dress is a bride. The language around wedding dresses tends to be "bridal" heavy which can particularly exclude non-binary and gender fluid people so I'm going to try to avoid that word.  We should also mention that white wedding dresses are very much a western/Christian tradition. Colours at Hindu weddings tend to be red and gold. At Muslim weddings, any colour goes, but red and green are particularly popular. In an ancient Chinese myth, the wedding dress came from a phoenix and was (as you'd imagine) delivered in bright hues.  Even in the west, white dresses are a recent trend. Ancient Greeks wore violet or red, Romans wore yellow. In the UK, aristocrats wore jewel tones to show off their wealth while regular people wore their best outfits, no matter the colour.  It was a royal wedding that started the fashion f

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