How Do I Make My Wedding Ceremony Unique?

 Chances are, you've been to several weddings in your life, and some of them have started to blend into each other. It's inevitable, really. All of those weddings are so similar, it's natural that you can't remember specifics. Now that you're planning your own wedding, however, you're determined to make it stand out.

So, how do you make your wedding ceremony unique?

Hire a Celebrant!

Yes, you knew I was going to say that, but it's true. A Celebrant like me will write your ceremony based on you and your love story. There is nobody like you or your partner; together, you are truly unique. A wedding ceremony that's written just for you is sure to stand out. A personalised, bespoke ceremony is your first and most vital ingredient to making your wedding unique. 

Caleigh stands in front of trees, holding her folder. She is laughing
Choose readings that have meaning to you

There are only so many times you can hear 1 Corinthians 13 before you zone out. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely reading and defines love with eloquence. It's just that it's so common that, unless you have a personal connection to it, it can feel cliched. 

Why not choose a quote from your favourite movie or song instead? Perhaps you had a bedtime story you loved as a child, there's probably a great reading in there. Imagine how much more personal the ceremony will be with readings that resonate with your guests because of how much they remind them of you. Or, let me select some poems and readings that I think will suit you. There are so many options out there, it's good to have someone to narrow down the choices.

Be creative with your unity ceremonies

A unity ceremony is a symbolic ritual that can be woven into your ceremony. It represents your unity and commitment to each other (think handfasting or unity candles). With a creative Celebrant (hi, that's me) you can choose elements that match your love story. Did your hands meet over the last loaf of bread at the Farmer's market? Let's make a sandwich for your unity ceremony! Did you meet volunteering in the first-aid tent of a music festival? Incorporate a bandage into your handfasting! Did you bond in the queue to meet your favourite artist at Comic-Con? Let's make art during your ceremony!

Make your wedding unique by remembering all of the things that make you unique.

two pairs of legs face each other. One wears pink the other black

Have a theme

I'm not suggesting you demand all your guests arrive in costume (although I love that for you), but a theme gives your ceremony a direction. A theme isn't always as obvious as 'Doctor Who' or 'Hollywood Glamour', though it certainly can be. If you love those things, go for it. A friend's wedding that stands out to me was Gatsby themed, and the 1920's decadence was woven into every part of the day. It doesn't have to be original so long as you put your own spin on it.

A wedding theme can be more subtle: 'love' or 'family' for example. If you're eco-conscious, you can make that your theme — let's plant a tree or mix wildflower seeds. If you love to travel, chose 'journey' as your theme and I can write your ceremony with that in mind.  

Personalise your wedding rings

Almost every wedding includes an exchange of wedding bands. It's such a symbolic act that most couples want to have it in their ceremony. That means you need to think outside the ring box to make your exchange unique. 

A black labrador looks at the camera, there are two wedding bands on its nose
One obvious way to make this part of the ceremony stand out is with a ring bearer. Your fur-baby will probably steal the show if they pad down the aisle with your rings on their collar; your guests will love it! Children make equally cute ring-bearers, especially if you dress them up to match your theme. (Look, I'm not saying you have to dress your nephew as a dragon, I'm saying, you'll all love it).

Be creative with how you present the wedding bands to your guests. Ring-warming ceremonies are one way to involve them in this part of the wedding; ask them all to hold the rings and put their good wishes for you into them. If you'd rather not send your wedding bands off through the crowd, you can ask your immediate family or wedding party to bless the rings for you instead.

I wasn't simply playing with words when I suggested you think outside the ring box. One excellent way to show off your personalities is to do it through your ring box. Do you love pandas? Your box can have one painted on it. Are you both obsessed with Game of Thrones? Put your rings in a dragon egg! If you're bookish and aren't too horrified by cutting into a copy of your fave, you can present your rings inside a novel. As your Celebrant, I can help you find ideas that work for you. 

So what are you waiting for?! Let's talk about how I can make your wedding ceremony unique. Contact me through my enquiry form or email me today!