Doctor Who Wedding Inspiration

Doctor Who: it's a fandom that unites generations. My dad shared it with me, and now I watch it with my son. My first Doctor, Sylvester McCoy had my accent. His assistant, Mel, had my utter lack of chill. Ace, on the other hand, was an early fashion icon for me (although it took substantial hindsight to realise it). Every fan has their own favourite Doctor, their own special reasons for loving the show.

All of that is to say: I seriously dig a Doctor Who wedding. If you're a fellow Whovian and you'd like to show your appreciation for The Doctor at your wedding, here is some inspiration.


“The secret is not just to be stunning, which I find comes rather easily, to be honest. The tricky thing is getting exactly the right level of stun for the occasion.” —Melody Malone.

This wonderful Maddison Rocks' Wedding Bouquet is a Whovian dream come true. There's a Dalek, a light-up Sonic Screwdriver and a little K9, with your choice of colour of fabric flowers (so the bouquet will last long after the wedding is over). Oh, and it makes sounds. If you want your wedding day accompanied by the sound of the TARDIS or to "Exterminate, exterminate!" then look no further.

If a bouquet isn't for you, they also have boutonnieres. Yes, they also light up. 

fabric flower wedding bouquet with Doctor Who elements


“Bowties are cool” —Eleventh Doctor.

What you wear to your wedding is the perfect way to declare your theme. Short of turning up in a Cyberman costume, the obvious choice for your outfit is TARDIS blue (that's Pantone 2955 C if you're wondering). If you're going down the cosplay route—and I can't convince you on the Cyberman idea—Mrs Bowtie has an incredible range of Doctor Who replica bowties and ties. For dress details, look no further than Couture Co.


"Well you’re welcome to come home, meet the wife. She’d be honoured. We can have cake." —Tenth Doctor.

This stunning cake by The Sugared Saffron Cake Studio has telltale hexagons around the bottom tier and goes full TARDIS at the back. It's a perfect blend between elegant cake and geeking out!

white wedding cake by Sugared Saffron with a TARDIS showing at the back


“Love is not an emotion. It’s a promise.” —Twelfth Doctor.

Doctor Who is a treasure trove of beautiful quotes about love, friendship and time. No matter what mood you want to convey, your celebrant (hi, you knew I was going to mention celebrants, right?) will help you find the perfect reading. I've included a few for you in this article, just to get you started.

blue text on a white background reading "Hold hands. That's what you're meant to do. Keep doing that and don't let go. That's the secret.” from Doctor Who

Unity Elements

"Love, in all its forms, is the most powerful weapon we have. Because love is a form of hope. And like hope, love abides. In the face of everything" —Thirteenth Doctor.

Speaking of celebrants... There are a number of Doctor Who-related unity elements you can include in your wedding ceremony. Of course, the details of that would depend on which Doctor you prefer. For something more generic, you could opt for a TARDIS ring box (that's also a great idea for the proposal, btw) or use a themed ribbon in a handfasting. You could have a cocktail ceremony where you mix a Sonic Screwdriver—which is like a regular Screwdriver with blue curacao added—or even make a Bloody Mary, complete with a celery stick.

If you're Whovians and you want to add a little Gallifreyan magic to your wedding ceremony, let's chat!