What should I have in my wedding ceremony?

You've met your OTP and you're engaged. Congratulations! 

When you're planning your wedding, the ceremony often gets pushed to the side to worry about later. Then, when you do get to it, you have no idea where to start. The solution, of course, is to hire a Celebrant who can worry about the ceremony for you. 

A Celebrant (that's me) is trained to create meaningful, memorable ceremonies tailored to you. You get to focus on all the other wedding plans, content in the knowledge that your ceremony is in expert hands. 

A close up of a handfasting ceremony with red and pink ribbons

So, what should be in your wedding ceremony? 



This is The Moment of your wedding. It's when you commit to each other and make promises to each other. What should you promise? Well, that depends on you and your relationship. I've had someone promise to not lose their partner's place in their novel; the neat one promise to tidy up after the messy one; a promise to try to be on time; to be each other's safe place. You can promise to love each other and stand by each other through difficult times. You can tell each other why you love them. You can write your own or ask me to write them for you. You can read them out, repeat them or affirm them with an "I do" or "I will".

It's up to you.

Unity elements that make sense for you

A unity element is a meaningful ritual that is woven into your ceremony to represent your commitment to each other. Common elements are handfasting, unity candles and flower ceremonies, but there is a world of options available for you. A Celebrant can create a bespoke ceremony that captures your love story. You could complete a jigsaw puzzle, paint a canvas or make a cocktail if that sounds like a "you" thing. You can involve children, parents and best friends, or keep it just for you two.

Pink cocktails in martini glasses sit on a counter

Ask your Celebrant to suggest a truly personalised unity element.

Readings or poems

One great way to include friends or family in your ceremony is by asking them to read a poem. Choose something that resonates with you. If you're stuck, your Celebrant can suggest something. We have a (in some cases, literal) library of readings and poems for you to choose from. If we can't find something you love, I'll watch your favourite movie or TV show or read your favourite book to find the perfect reading for you.


"It's hard keeping your heart open. It makes you vulnerable but it doesn't make you weak and, in the end, I have to believe it's worth it." from She Ra and the Princesses of Power

The people who mean most to you

You invited your guests to your wedding for a reason. They are the people you want to share your special day with, so why not involve them in your ceremony? Ask them to contribute their advice, artwork or best wishes to your ceremony through unity elements, a vow of support or a sing-along.

Your love story

This is the most important part of your wedding ceremony. Without your love story, there would be no wedding. It's the reason you and your guests are there. Make it the focus of your ceremony. 

One of the first things I'll ask you is how you met and who asked whom out. I want to know all about the journey that led you to your wedding day so we can celebrate it.

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If you're ready to make your wedding ceremony unique and personalised, let's chat